Trends in Aerospace and Defense Mergers and Acquisitions

US Domestic and cross border merger and acqusitions

A healthy Aerospace and Defense M&A market The evolving focus of Aerospace and Defense M&A According to the study by Deloitte ,in the aerospace and defense industry, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) as we know them have recently changed. Instead of megamergers for the purpose of cost savings and synergies, current aerospace and defense M&A activity… Continue reading Trends in Aerospace and Defense Mergers and Acquisitions


2017 Global Aerospace and Defense Financial Performance Overview

Global Aerospace Defense Revenue and Operating Margin 2017

Defense subsector expands, while Commercial Aerospace growth slows down According to Deloitte Aerospace & Defense  Financial performance study: Global aerospace and defense (A&D) sector revenues grew by 2.4 percent to US$674.4 billion in 2016, slightly above the estimated global domestic product (GDP) growth of 2.3 percent. The top 100 companies analyzed added US$15.7 billion in… Continue reading 2017 Global Aerospace and Defense Financial Performance Overview

2016 Global #Aerospace and #Defense Sector Outlook



US Aerospace & Defense Labor Market Study 2016


A&D sector was expected to return to growth in employment, with over 39,000 additional employees to be added in 2016 according to a study by Deloitte. Is  it really the case after 3rd quarter of 2016?

Q2 2016 Global #Aerospace and #Defense #M&A Insights


A PwC Insights: Global Aerospace and Defense Merger and Acquisitions  Q2 2016 by Bob Long, Chuck Marx, Scott Thompson, and Randy Starr.

A&D Engineering Performance Management: Balancing Creativity and Discipline


Aerospace & Defense Insights by Alix Partners

2016 Global Aerospace and Defense Sector Financial Performance Study


In this study of Deloitte,  you can find analyses of the Top 100 Global Aerospace and Defense (A&D) Companies, or business units of industrial conglomerates with A&D business, with reported revenue of more than US$500 million in 2015 with financial statements filed by 31 December, 2015.

3D Opportunity in Aerospace and Defense: Additive manufacturing takes flight!

3D printing- Additive manufacturing in aerospace and defense

Do you know how to get benefit from 3D Printing in Aerospace & Defense? Read this additive manufacturing  report  from Deloitte Consulting for more insights. You can download the report here:

Aerospace and Defense Cross-Border Joint Ventures: Managing high complexity, driving remarkable growth!

Aerospace and Defense Merger and Acquisition

A Deloitte report about managing the growth in Aerospace & Defense globally. You can download the document from here: