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Key Findings on Airplane Economic Life

Key Findings on Airplane Economic Life by Helen Jiang, Associate Technical Fellow Aviation System Analysis, Boeing Commercial Airplanes.


You can download the document here:



World Airliner Directory 2015

I’d like to share “World Airliner Directory 2015” part 1 by Flightglobal.


You can download the document from slideshare or following link:


Global Commercial Air Transport Industry: Capacity Supply – Demand Balance

I’d like to share “A Discussion of the Capacity Supply – Demand Balance within the Global Commercial Air Transport Industry” analysis by Ricky Mack -Senior Analyst, Director, Helen Jiang– Associate Technical Fellow, Robert (Bob) M. Peterson -Technical Fellow and Chief Analyst  from Aviation System Analysis at Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

Current Market Outlook 2014–2033

I’d like to share ” Current Market Outlook 2014–2033 ” reported by BOEING.

  • Airline Strategies and Business Models
  • Network and Hub Analysis
  • Technology and Capabilities
  • Traffic and Market Outlook
  • Pilot and Technician Outlook

Current Market Outlook 2015–2034

I’d like to share ” Current Market Outlook 2015–2034  ”  reported by BOEING.

  • Business and Market Environment
  • Market Fragmentation
  • Traffic & Market Outlook

Global Aerospace Report 2014

I’d like to share ” GLOBAL AEROSPACE REPORT 2014 ” by CLEARWATER.

    Commercial market
    Business jets
    Defence market
    Helicopter market
    New technologies
  • MRO market


Commercial Jet Airplane Accidents

I’d like to share ” Statistical Summary of Commercial Jet Airplane Accidents ” by  BOEING.

You can find some statistics about ;

  • 2013 Airplane Accidents
  • Departures, Flight Hours, and Jet Airplanes in Service
  • Accident Summary by Type of Operation
  • Accident Summary by Injury and Damage
  • Accident Rates and Onboard Fatalities by Year
  • U.S. and Canadian Operators Accident Rates by Year
  • Accident Rates by Airplane Type
  • Fatal Accidents and Onboard Fatalities by Phase of Flight
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