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Global Airline CEO Survey 2014

I’d like to share ” Global Airline CEO Survey 2014 ” by PWC.



Collegiate Air Travel Safety

I’d like to share ” Collegiate Air Travel Safety ” special report by  ARGUS.

Current Market Outlook 2014–2033

I’d like to share ” Current Market Outlook 2014–2033 ” reported by BOEING.

  • Airline Strategies and Business Models
  • Network and Hub Analysis
  • Technology and Capabilities
  • Traffic and Market Outlook
  • Pilot and Technician Outlook

Aviation Finance ” Fasten Your Seatbelt ”

I’d like to share ” Aviation Finance ” Fasten Your Seatbelt ” ”  reported by Shamshad Ali, Neil Hampson from PWC.

  • The opportunity to invest
  • Record aircraft backlogs
  • Financing trends
  • Aircraft leasing



I’d like to share ” MARKET FORECAST 2014 – 2033 ” reported by BOMBARDIER.

You can find some headlines ;

  • Economic Environment and Outlook
  • Commercial Aircraft Market Indicators
  • Worldwide Forecast
  • Regional Forecast


Economic Performance of the Airline Industry-Mid 2015

I’d like to share “Economic Performance of the Airline Industry” presented by Brian Pearce, Chief Economist at IATA in June 2015.





A Coordinated, Risk-based Approach to Improving Global Aviation Safety

I’d like to share ” A Coordinated, Risk-based Approach to Improving Global Aviation Safety  ” reported by ICAO.

This Safety Report has some information about;

  • Regional Accident Statistics
  • Analysis of Harmonized Accidents
  • Harmonized Accident Categories
  • Accidents by Region of Occurrence


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