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#Industry 4.0: Building the #Digitalenterprise in #Aerospace, #Defense and Security



3 Steps to Be A High-Performing #Manufacturer

#Positioning  #Differentiation  #Defining characteristics

  • How competitive are your capabilities today?
  • How important are they for your future?
  • Are your competitive capabilities or future priorities any different than your competitors’?
  • Do your capabilities cluster to define unique competitive characteristics?

Here below the answers:

Q2 2016 Global #Aerospace and #Defense #M&A Insights

A PwC Insights:

Global Aerospace and Defense Merger and Acquisitions  Q2 2016 by Bob Long, Chuck Marx, Scott Thompson, and Randy Starr.

A&D Engineering Performance Management: Balancing Creativity and Discipline

Aerospace & Defense Insights by Alix Partners

Aerospace and Defense Insights: Space – A Buyer’s Market

Here you can find insights about Space market, business dynamics and distruptive technology in space manufacturing by AlixPartners.

Aerospace and Defense Cross-Border Joint Ventures: Managing high complexity, driving remarkable growth!

A Deloitte report about managing the growth in Aerospace & Defense globally.

You can download the document from here:

United Kingdom Defence Industry Outlook 2015

You can download the report here:


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