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Strategic Business Consulting

I am a member of Executive Management Consulting Group who provides advisory services and strategic consulting in Operational Efficiency, Productivity, Corporate Strategy, Project Management, Digital Technologies and  Digital Transformation in Aviation (MRO,Airlines, Airport)  Aerospace, Military, Defense, Electronic and Mechanical Manufacturing, Machinery, Software, Finance and Banking.

To discuss how our team can help your business achieve successful results, please contact me!


  • Developing International Sales
  • Building Internal and External Sales Processes
  • Consultative and Cross-Selling
  • Project Sales Management
  • New Market Entry, Market Expansion
  • Development of Marketing Strategies in USA, Europe and Emerging Markets
  • Technical Proposal Development, Tender Management
  • Contract Management and Negotiation
  • International Business Development in
    • Aerospace and Defense Industries
    • Electronics, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
    • Advanced Manufacturing
    • Machinery


  • Setting Corporate Digital Strategy
  • Design & Execute Digital Transformation
  • IT Strategy & IT Organizational Design
  • IT Transformation, Simplification & Optimization
  • IT Cost Reduction & Process Efficiency
  • System Selection & Modernization


  • Enterprise Integration, Project Management
  • Acquisition, Program Management & Logistics
  • System Engineering, Product Design, Development & Manufacturing
    • Military and Defense Machinery and Equipment
    • Cartridge Manufacturing
    • Weapon Systems
      • SRWS Stabilized Remote Weapon Systems
      • TURRET- One Manned
      • GNM Gun Mount
      • 40 mm Linkless Ammunition Transfer System
      • Ammunition Transfer System
      • Fire Control Systems
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