#Additivemanufacturing takes humanitarian action

3D Opportunity for life A Deloitte Review by Brenna Sniderman, Parker Baum, and Vikram Rajan. 

3D printing- Additive manufacturing in aerospace and defense

3D Opportunity in Aerospace and Defense: Additive manufacturing takes flight!

Do you know how to get benefit from 3D Printing in Aerospace & Defense? Read this additive manufacturing  report  from Deloitte Consulting for more insights. You can download the report here:

Additive manufacturing in Aerospace and Defense

6 Key Insights about Additive Manufacturing

You can download the whitepaper here:

Aviation Aerospace Defense Additive manufacturing

2015 Additive Manufacturing in Aerospace and Defense

I'd like to share "Additive Manufacturing in Aerospace and Defense 2015" by Dr. Vivek Saxena Vice President from ICF International.