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Global Military Aircraft MRO Outlook and Forecast by 2022

Global Military MRO Forecast

I'd like to share "Military Aircraft MRO Forecast: A BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATERSA BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATERS" presented by Michael Howard from ICF International.

DEFENSE MRO: Where from here?

I'd like to share "Defense MRO: Where from here?" presentation by John Johns, Deputy Asistance Secretary of Defense (Maintenance) in April 2014. In this presentation you will find: Historic trend in defense spending Guiding principles and opportunities Warfighter support Affordability and Life Cycle Management Supply Chain Efficiency Inventory Management  

Military Aircraft Fleet and MRO Forecast

I'd like to share "Military Aircraft Forecast 2014" by Aviationweek. In this report you will find out: Military Fleet Evolution Military Aircraft Delivery Forecast Fighter,Attack,Trainer, Rotary Wing, Transport/Utility, Special Mission,Military Tanker Aircraft  Fleet, New Deliveries and MRO Global Military Fleet MRO Requirements 10 year Military Aircraft MRO Forecast In Service Military Aircrafts