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China Industry 4.0: Smart Factories and Innovation

Industry 4.0 China vs Germany

You can download the report here:   Advertisements


German Industry 4.0 Study 2015

German Industry 4.0

I’d like to share “German Industry 4.0 Study 2015” by Staufen AG. In this study you will find interviews with German manufacturing companies, their progress to apply smart factory concept  and how […]


Switzerland Industry 4.0 Index 2015

Industry 4.0

I’d like to share  “Switzerland Industry 4.0 Index 2015” by Staufen which has interviews with Swiss leading manufacturers and their progress for smart factory concept. You can download the report at slideshare […]


The Aviation Study 2015:German Aviation Industry outsourcing Capacities to the Far East

Aviation Market in the future by Region

I’d like to share the “Aviation Study 2015 – managing global value-creation chains”  which is based on a survey conducted by the consulting firm Staufen AG in partnership with the German Aerospace […]


Lean Development and German Engineering 2015

Lean manegement

I’d like to share “Lean Development and German Engineering 2015” survey  by Staufen. You can download the survey from slideshare:   Advertisements