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Florida Aviation Aerospace Industry Overview

Florida Aviation Aerospace Industry Cluster

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2015-2025 North American Fleet and MRO Market Forecast

North American MRO Forecast 2015-2025

I'd like to share "2015-2025 North American Fleet and MRO Market Forecast" by David A. Marcontell, VP, at Oliver Wyman.   You can download the presentation at slideshare o following link: http://www.slideshare.net/reyyandemir/2015-mroamericas  

World Aviation Yearbook: North America by CAPA

I'd like to share World Aviation Yearbook 2013 by CAPA for North America. In this yearbook, you will find out: North America Top 10  Airlines North America Top 10 Airports North America Fleet and Most Popular Aircraft Types North America Traffic and Insights about Selected Airlines