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Asian Aviation Market Overview and Outlook by 2030

I’d like to share “Asian Market Overview and Outlook” presentation showed by Brendan Sobie, Senior Analyst and Southeast Asia Chief Representative of CAPA at 5th Asian Ground Handling International Conference in Bangkok in 2012.

You will find information about:

  • Asian Airports’ rise
  • LCC’s traffic growth in Asia
  • Low cost long haul trend
  • China Air Passanger traffic and cargo traffic forecast by 2030
  • Airline Innovation
  • Airline Liberalization
  • Asian Top 12 Markets
  • Asian Top 10 Airports

Brighter Skies Ahead: Asia Pacific Aviation

I would like to share “Asia Pacific Aviation” presentation,  by Andrew Herdman, General Director  Association of Asia Pacific Airlines in 2010.

In this presentation you can find insights about :

Asia Pacific Aviation
Business Challenges
Passenger traffic
Aircraft Utilization
New Aircraft Deliveries
Global Airline Industry Profitability
Long term Air Traffic Growth
Regulatory Issues
Sustainable Aviation

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