2017 US Aerospace Defense Industry International Expansion

International Aerospace Defense Joint Ventures 2017

Aerospace and defense cross-border joint ventures Cross-border A&D JVs continue to be an important vehicle for international expansion. According to the analysis by Deloitte, Many nations are investing in science and technology and proudly tout their aerospace and defense progress. As a result, A&D companies focusing on international expansion are doing so through cross-border joint… Continue reading 2017 US Aerospace Defense Industry International Expansion


The New Era of Innovative Disruption in Aerospace and Defense

Business Strategy in Aerospace and Defense

Why do so many aerospace and defense (A&D) companies “stay the course”? Why do so many aerospace and defense (A&D) companies “stay the course” when faced with disruption, sticking with strategies and business models designed for a different era? New Deloitte research found that A&D companies that adapted their strategies and business models significantly outperformed… Continue reading The New Era of Innovative Disruption in Aerospace and Defense

Trends in Aerospace and Defense Mergers and Acquisitions

US Domestic and cross border merger and acqusitions

A healthy Aerospace and Defense M&A market The evolving focus of Aerospace and Defense M&A According to the study by Deloitte ,in the aerospace and defense industry, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) as we know them have recently changed. Instead of megamergers for the purpose of cost savings and synergies, current aerospace and defense M&A activity… Continue reading Trends in Aerospace and Defense Mergers and Acquisitions

Keeping Pace with The Complex Global #Manufacturing Environment



2016 Global #Aerospace and #Defense Sector Outlook



3 Steps to Be A High-Performing #Manufacturer

Competitiveness map for high-performing manufacturing organizations

#Positioning  #Differentiation  #Defining characteristics How competitive are your capabilities today? How important are they for your future? Are your competitive capabilities or future priorities any different than your competitors’? Do your capabilities cluster to define unique competitive characteristics? Here below the answers:

#Digitaltransformation: A View Across Industries


A digitalization case from #Airlines industry and how #Aerospace manufacturing industry can benefit from #digitalization. #InformationManagement Insight by Meade Monger.

#Distruption: Managing Strategic Risk in #Aviation


Risk Management Insight by  LORI WARD and ANDREW BLAU @DeloitteRisks

Q2 2016 Global #Aerospace and #Defense #M&A Insights


A PwC Insights: Global Aerospace and Defense Merger and Acquisitions  Q2 2016 by Bob Long, Chuck Marx, Scott Thompson, and Randy Starr.

China’s Challenge: Going #LeanManufacturing


Lean Manufacturing Insight by Alix Partners