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Low-Cost, Long-Haul, and the Threat to Established Carriers

In this presentation you can find insights about :

  • Established Carries
  • Asian low-cost carriers
  • Growth in air travel as a function of GDP
  • Global airports by size and growth rate
  • Southeast Asian LCCs
  • Financial performance of key Asian LCCS
  • Northeast Asian LCCs



New Strategies for Building a Smarter Workforce in Aerospace & Defense

I’d like to share  the article ”New Strategies for Building a Smarter Workforce in Aerospace & Defense” by IBM.

In this article you can find information about:

  • Smarter workforce analytics and technologies
  • Strategic workforce planning analytics
  • Predictive retention modeling
  • Predictive hiring modeling
  • Behavioral sciences analysis
  • Social learning and collaboration tools
  • Mobility
  • Optimizing the workforce

2015 Aerospace & Defense Market Survey

I’d like to share “2015 Aerospace & Defense Market” Survey by CSC & AIA.


In this document you can find information about:

  • Key Business and Technology Trends in Aerospace and Defense
  • Pricing pressures and government regulations affect R&D
  • Demand for product innovation and modernization grows
  • Cybersecurity threats and costs rise
  • Skills shortage continues


The Art of Aeroplotics

I’d like to share ” The Art of Aeropolitics”  report by Paul Steele, Senior Vice President, External Relations & Strategy.

In this document you can find insights about:

  • Value of Aviation by Region
  • Passenger Rights
  • Aviation and Climate Change
  • Aviation: Climate Action
  • Aviation Operational Efficiency
  • Alternative Fuels
  • ICAO: Global Market Based Measure


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