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Aerospace & Defense Industry Outlook 2014 by Deloitte

This Deloitte report gives you insight about trends in global aerospace and defense which shows that revenue growth in the 5 percent range is expected for the overall industry in 2014.

The commercial aerospace sector is expected to continue its significant revenue and earnings growth, with record setting production both at the platform level, as well as in the supplier base.

On the other hand, continued declines in revenue and earnings are expected for the global defense sector.


3 Keys to M&A Effectiveness for Aerospace – Defense Executives

​This Deloitte study gives information about the relationship between A&D companies’ M&A strategy and their financial performance to identify three characteristics that companies which outperformed the sector generally shared and under performers did not.

These three keys can assist industry leaders as they prepare their companies to take full advantage of potential M&A opportunities:

  • Manage the demands of integration by limiting your total number of acquisitions.
  • Make M&A central to your company’s growth strategy by implementing meaningful acquisitions.
  • Target companies whose business models enhance your company’s market power.​


Why Aerospace & Defense programs are late and over-budget?

This Deloitte report is about Program Management and Execution in the Aerospace & Defense (A&D) industry.

What is behind this troubling pattern of cost overruns and schedule delays – and what can be done to address it?

This study examines five root causes:

Program management challenges
Technical complexity
Talent shortage
Supply chain challenges
It also offers specific solutions and practices that can help tackle the problem caused by these root causes.

Global Aerospace and Defense Industry Outlook 2013 by Deloitte

This report gives you information about global defense and aerospace industry in 2013.

You can find answer of the following questions:

What is the global outlook for defense spending in 2013?
Will foreign sales improve the fortunes of the global defense industry?
Transformation of the air traffic control (ATC) system
Changes in UK and European Union export control regulations —
how is that impacting the industry?
What is expected in the Canadian industry?
What is expected for India?
Is merger and acquisition activity expected to increase?

2015 World Air Forces: Active Fleet Per Region

In this post I would like to share infographics of   2015 World Air Force Outlook and Active Fleet per  Region.


World Air Force Outlook and Active Fleet per  Region.

World Air Force Outlook and Active Fleet per Region.

World Air Force Outlook and Active Fleet per  Region.

World Air Force Outlook and Active Fleet per Region.

You can reach to the Flight Global Special Report of 2015 World Air Forces from following post.



Special Report :2015 World Air Forces

I would like to share Special report of 2015 World Air Force Outlook and Active Fleet per Region by Flight Global associated with Ruag.

It provides following analysis and World air forces directory

Worldwide active fleet per region
Worldwide Top 10 active aircraft types
Fleet size for leading countries by role.

You can download the report from my slideshare:

Middle East : Regional Fleet Developments Impact on MRO Demand

I would like to share Regional Fleet Developments & Impact On MRO Demand: MRO Middle East presentation, presented by Brian Kough, Director – Forecasts & Analysis @Aviation Week during MRO Dubai event in 2014.

In this presentation you can find insights about :

Fleet Trends & Outlook
Middle East Fleet Changes
Outlook for Aircraft DeliveriesForecast
Top 5 New Aircraft Deliveries Middle East
Top 10 New Aircraft Deliveries Through 2023
Top 10 Fastest-Growing Middle East Fleets
Top 15 mergers in the past 10 years affected over 3,400 aircraft
Middle East Regional MRO Forecast
10 year MRO Market Forecast
Patterns in fleet retirement


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