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MROs must broaden their shrinking world!

Here I would like to share a 1 page market briefing by Oliver Wyman

about why MROs must broaden their shrinking world!

You can download the document from my slideshare link here below:



MRO Survey: Airline Economics Are Transforming the MRO Landscape

Here in this white-paper, you can find an MRO survey made by Oliver Wyman, in conjunction with Aviation Week and 130 airline and maintenance,repair, and overhaul (MRO) provider executives in 2008.

Some of the headlines and findings from the survey

-MRO Forecasts Continue to Grow, but Outsourcing Levels Off
-Airline Capital Constraints and a Focus on Core Operations Have Caused Two Segments to Grow Disproportionately
-Impact of the New Business Models on MRO Providers
-The Complexity of a Global Repair Network Creates Added Supply Chain Management Challenges for Carriers
-Inventory Management Proves Fertile Ground for Improvements
-Experience with Lean Techniques Is Producing Significant Value


You can download the file from my slideshare link here below:



Lean MRO : How domestic MROs can sustain their competitive position!

I would like to share  a white-paper by Mercer Management Consulting about  Lean MRO : How domestic MROs can sustain their competitive position.

Some of the headlines from the paper are:

-Emergence of ultra-low-cost MRO providers
-Current competitive position of MRO providers
-The key elements of Lean
-Can Lean work in MRO?
-A successful approach to Lean transformation
-‘Lean’ results

You can download the paper from myslideshare link here below:


MRO Yearbook 2012

Here in this post you can find MRO Yearbook 2012 and information about  Global MRO Service Providers, their capabilities, certifications and facilities in America, Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa.

You can download the yearbook from my slideshare:


MRO Yearbook 2011

In this post, I would like to share MRO Yearbook 2011.

You can download the book from the following link :



Aircraft Maintenance ✰ Engineering Directory 2010

I would like to share  Aircraft Maintenance ✰ Engineering Directory 2010 here below.

You can download the file from my slideshare link:


The Global MRO Forecast 2008 – 2018 by TeamSAI

Here in this post you can find  the Global MRO Forecast between  2008 – 2018 by TeamSAI.

The presentation has following headlines:
-Airline Industry
-MRO Growth Forecast
-MRO Industry Outlook
-MRO Unit Cost
-Outsourcing MRO
-Trends & Strategies
-Globalization & Consolidation


You can download the presentation from my slideshare link here below:


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